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First Eyewear Centre

First Eyewear Centre’s proprietor and director, Ms Careen Low, experienced worked along with her father Mr Alan Low at his first optical practice which was established in 1975 in Katong Shopping Centre. In 1992, Careen Launched her personal optical exercise First Eyewear Centre in Siglap Shopping Centre. In 2015, First Eyewear Centre relocated to a 2700-sq.-foot practice and became an idea retailer at 713 East Coast Road .

First Eyewear Centre is patient-centred. It can be totally Geared up with the latest eye diagnostic instruments to detect common eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataract. The centre can complete comprehensive eye evaluation including optical coherence tomography, digital retinal images, noncontact tonometry and digital slit-lamp images. It can also complete A-scan biometry for paediatric orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ), a reversible alternative for myopic (shortsightedness) eyes by utilizing FDA authorised rigid gas permeable Get hold of lenses during the night only.

Eye Examinations

Our variety of primary eye overall health treatment solutions which include Comprehensive Eye Evaluation, Small children Myopia Manage, Age-linked Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma Screening, & Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Cataract.

Prescription Eyewear

Our eyesight assessment steps for all cases including myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.
We are in a position to offer tailor made-produced eyewear with Progressive Lenses, Changeover Lenses, Computer system-Safety with remarkable optics.

Contact Lens Fitting

We've got a wide array of Make contact with lens from big models to specialty Get in touch with lenses, like Multifocal and Keratoconic lenses.

First Holistic Eyecare Tactic
From primary eye care to eyewear companies, First Eyewear Centre offers a holistic approach to eye overall health.

Paediatric Myopia
A rising concern amongst dad and mom In 2010, it absolutely was estimated 1.9 billion persons worldwide had been influenced by myopia. The range could possibly improve to 2.five billion persons by 2020, with children in Asia amongst the very best at-possibility team. Caused by elongation from the eyeball, myopia normally receives even worse with age and in some cases, may cause vision reduction.

The excellent news is usually that with early detection and proper care, myopia could be prevented, or if previously afflicted, the development of the illness could be slowed as well as reversed.

A secure, quick and proven therapy for efficiently retarding the development of myopia.

What on earth is Ortho-K?
Really effective but much less invasive than Lasik surgical treatment
Specially made Get hold of lenses worn right away that do the job to reshape the contour of the cornea
Children (ages 7-14) are the most effective candidates (Specially those people who are Lively and dislike carrying spectacles.
Uncover if Ortho-K is right for your child
First Eyewear Centre can assess your child’s danger of building myopia and cease the progression to be sure healthier eyes for his or her life span.

FAQ on Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Why is there a necessity to manage myopia?
Myopia ( shortsightedness ) has long been growing rapidly over the last 25 many years and is expected to impair totally 50% of the planet’s populace through the yr 2020. The amount of youngsters which can be obtaining myopia are over a quick enhance.

What brings about childhood myopia development?
The explanation on myopia development is due to young children shelling out far more time finding out, looking through and employing the pc as an alternative to enjoying outside. The Centre for Condition Handle (CDC) now views progressive myopia as an epidemic.
Growing myopia leads to poor vision. But more importantly, it may lead to sight threatening disorders like retinal detachment and glaucoma. The earli
er a kid displays myopia, the greater very likely they're going to progress to dangerously large amounts.

How you can slow down myopia for my children?
Studies have revealed that orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Call lenses can gradual myopia. Quite a few revealed scientific studies have documented that youngsters sporting orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Get in touch with lenses experience minimal to no development of myopia through treatment method.

Precisely what is orthokeratology?
Orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) may be the fitting of specially designed rigid fuel permeable Get hold of lenses that could be worn overnight.

How does orthokeratology work on my boy or girl?
When the kid is asleep, orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Make contact with lenses gently reshape the entrance area on the cornea so the child can see Obviously the following working day immediately after get rid of orthokeratology Get in touch with lenses once the kid awakes.

Why little ones are the top applicant for orthokeratology?
Children make terrific orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) wearers. These are hugely inspired and learn how to treatment for his or her orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Make contact with lenses quickly, even small children as youthful as six. The orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Get in touch with lenses are put on the eyes suitable just before bed. here The moderate Get hold of lens sensation disappears as soon as the eyes shut for snooze, so youngsters are not worried to don their orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Make contact with lenses.

How do I'm sure my little one is appropriate to wear orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Get hold of lenses?
Optometrist within our eye care centre will perform an orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) pre-evaluation prior to suggesting orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Call lenses as myopia Management alternative.

How often really should my youngster replace orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Call lenses?
Optometrist will propose the replacement of orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Call lenses. Repeated adhere to up visits While using the optometrist are very important to monitor the orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Call lenses and cornea overall health of the child.

What on earth is the price of the orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) contact lenses?
Optometrist inside our eye care centre will counsel the whole cost of the orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Get hold of lenses right after orthokeratology ( Ortho-K) pre-assessment is concluded. The cost of orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Call lenses ranges from SGD $2000-$2800.

Let's say my child will not be ideal for orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Call lenses?
Optometrist within our eye care centre will propose other options like multifocal Call lenses and multifocal eyeglasses, if the child is not really an appropriate candidate for orthokeratology ( Ortho-K ) Speak to lenses.

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